Saturday, 19 February 2011

Susie Lau/Style Bubble

Susie Lau talks about her blogging experiences front row at Topshop, Oxford Circus.

Susie Lau- "I like to look at designers that haven't been talked about in the mainstream media. Although I do go to all fashion weeks especially New York, Paris and London."

Do you go home and blog about shows straight after you see them? "No, collections have a life beyond the fashion month. I like to take my time to blog about them and really think about what will happen with those designs over the next few months."

How many years did it take you for designers to want you at fashion week? "About a year, I started getting invites because people were fond of the blog. Now I just see it as part of my job."

What other bloggers do you rate?
"Street style blogs, Jak and Jil and The sartorialist"

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